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Liquid Gems
Liquid Gems

      Beautiful hydrating beads for plants & flowers


Guidelines for Use

Our decorative beads are a colorful, crystal polymer soil substitute for plants and flowers. The beads absorb over 100 times their weight in water to form glass-like pearls that slowly release water back into their environment. The brilliance of the beads makes them ideal for flower, plant and candle arrangements.


Liquid Gems Water Beads Are:

  • Environmentally safe and non-toxic
  • Lighter and more attractive than stones or glass marbles
  • Reusable and long lasting
  • Versatile and fun to use
  • Cleaner than potting soil
  • Lower maintenance - reduces plant watering

To make 5 cups of water beads, add 1 quart of cold water to a bowl or baking dish (to achieve uniform color, a large baking dish is recommended.) Empty the entire packet into the water and allow 6 hours for it to expand. Do not touch the beads while they are soaking. Pour the beads into a strainer or colander to drain any excess water - DO NOT RINSE. In some instances excess water may retain some of the beads' color. Keep out of direct sunlight.

Larger beads can be achieved by using additional water to hydrate them. Using this process will also produce a lighter shade of color.

For Plants: Remove and rinse any soil from your plant and place it in the container of your choice. Add enough water to cover the plant's roots, and then fill the remainder of the container as desired with beads.


For Cut Flowers: Add water until there is a base of approximately 1" on the bottom of the vase. Diagonally cut at least 1/2" off of the flower stems, and then place them in the water. Fill the remainder of the vase with water beads.

For Lucky Bamboo: Very little water is needed to nourish lucky bamboo. Just fill your container with water beads and insert the plant - no additional water is needed. DISTILLED OR FRESH WATER MUST BE USED to hydrate your water beads for use with lucky bamboo. City or central water contains additives and minerals that will cause your plant to turn yellow. You may also cut the bamboo to fit the desired height of its container. Simply cut the stalk at a 45°angle and place it in the water beads. 


For Silk Flowers: Wrap the silk flower stem(s) in wax paper or plastic wrap before placing in the vase. Add beads to the vase until the desired height is achieved.


These instructions may vary as each plant or flower has its own level of water consumption. You may need more, less or no water depending on the arrangement you are creating. Keep an eye on your plant or flowers the first couple of days to determine how much water, if any, needs to be added or drained.


You may also layer the beads in your arrangement. Placing plastic wrap or wax paper between layers is recommended to retain uniformity of the colors.


Caution: Water beads are not to be flushed down drains, swallowed or frozen. If the product should go down a drain, use straight table salt or rock salt and hot water to flush. Since our beads are not food products, we recommend keeping them out of the reach of small children, as they may become a choking hazard. Also, sweep up any spills immediately as the beads become slippery when wet.


Rehydrating Your Beads


After about a month of use, water beads will shrink as they hydrate your plant or flowers. To enlarge the beads to original size, place them in a colander or strainer and rinse with cold water. If algae has developed on them they will appear cloudy - use diluted Schultz liquid fertilizer to kill any bacteria and rinse again with cold water. Then place the beads in a large baking dish with 2-3 cups of cold water for 3-4 hours and allow expanding back to size. They are now ready to be used again.


If your beads are not rehydrated they will gradually revert back to their original pelletized form. Beads will dehydrate faster if they are spread out on a plate or flat surface. Once they have completely dehydrated they may be stored until you are ready to use them again. Be sure to maintain them in a cool, dry place.


The color of the beads may lighten as they are reused, giving them a more translucent appearance. Keep finished beads clean and at room temperature. Also, avoid direct sunlight. Following these measures will ensure that your water beads last as long as possible.